Tacit in Tact

by Options

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    first pressing: 7 cassette tapes dubbed at home with hand-drawn and cut inserts on construction paper. includes one-of-a-kind photo-collage-stickers by mary sea. SOLD OUT.

    second pressing: 25 cassette tapes dubbed, stenciled, and assembled by The Stereo Studio (www.thestereostudio.com).

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written mostly from december 2013 to march 2014, with a couple stragglers from the last few years. recorded and mixed in the first week of march 2014 on my laptop in my room. I did the art with construction paper, scissors, and scotch tape. don't take it all at face value.


released March 8, 2014

music, words, and art by seth engel



all rights reserved


Options Chicago

Options is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer Seth Engel.

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Track Name: Vehicle
you were a beautiful vehicle. Held you so tight, would not let go.
entwined our minds a lil' too close, I almost got hysterical.
so sit down where the ocean roams. The waters whisper 'ere I go.
the shells get crushed by time's old ghost, it's almost unbelievable.
Track Name: Better
when it's over, it's starting again
is this real life or inside my head?
there's this shitty feeling I get
when miscommunications don't end or get better now.
should be better by now...

you said we might both need some space,
and when it's over, we'll be on our way.
outside pressures caving us in
while both ignoring the trouble within to get better now.
should be better by now.
Track Name: Leave
why try your best for me?
it was plainly obvious that you didn't wanna swim in sea of
walk it off, but don't tell me this is for my benefit
now I'll swallow sedatives for all of you to see.
so I don't have to see

okay, leave.
do not tell me what I want to know.
what'd I expect?
and square one, now I wanna go home
now I'm at it alone.

stupid, it seems, is cupid in dreams
hardly was worth the intangible hurt
better for what? and down on my luck.
oh, the love we could make
if it wasn't too late.

okay, just leave.
Track Name: Dream
why do I still think of you when I try to avoid it?
answered my own question, man
get out of my fuckin dreams it is kind of annoying
stick with the initial plan.
cut out like a cancer multiplying by the minute
too far gone with spooled out slack.
could've had it all but now I'm floating in the river
tossed out like a piece of trash

difference divides through dilated eyes,
was damned if I tried.

still trying to navigate 'round all of the jagged edges
left by paper torn so quick.
tryin to stay occupied and start my mornings alright,
hardly ever seems to stick
fragile, maybe fractured, but my hide's been growin thicker
tough as nails and leather now.
fighting through the nonsense and riding tough the winter
I will stay intact somehow.

and goddammit, I tried.
Track Name: Furnace
It's not like you opted to solve the problems when they appear.
time's essenceless, and less senses could be useful here.
my assets set in and restless. Staying occupied.
defenseless, not quite offended, but rest might be too scarce tonight.

so keep me warm
I wrap myself in blankets
and bundle up
by the edge of the eye of the storm.
Track Name: Go
do you remember when we shared that dance?
for 15 seconds? maybe not a chance.
at my old job, on a fall afternoon.

you made me promise that I wouldn't go.
I didn't wanna know the world alone.
but your mind changed, the unfastening of glue.

well I wanna go, I wanna go
to where not, I know.
feelin so slow. c'mon, let's go.

I told myself that I could be so tough, but
my chest's got pressure from the bigger rocks
in the morning, in the frigid hours.
now i'm a drop drowning in buckets' freeze
you cut it off so you could be at peace
but its weird when another best friend turns sour
Track Name: Bad Hope
it was a year full of bad hope
spending the time tuggin a rope
ignore the issues, keep the void
from falling out.
nostalgic ties and hostage sitch
wasn't too hard to make you twitch
you lost your drive and crashed the boat
while I was fallin' down

who did I know? or where did you go?
told like a joke, now's no time to choke.
afraid like a ghost

an empty bed, or empty heart?
3 years of almost pulled apart
yeah we were fucked right from the start
but it was comfortable
try to see what I could glean
from situations so obscene
feel like I'm lost inside the vent
with cold air blowin out

what did I know? you sure told me so. but I'm setting some goals and I'm taking control.
Track Name: Strike
thought it'd be alright to be takin you home
on the other side, my game face is just another wandering vessel
and I know, I wanna be bold. but it's hard to even care when it's this fuckin' cold
inside my covers in the morn'.

all I really want now is someone to hold,
but I've been striking out when I go for the gold and what else is new?
Stuck between a rock and immeasurable time,
lettin' it all go fall by the wayside in my mind and I am,

still kinda trapped under the frozen ocean
knowing the likelihood of thawing slowly
wish you would care though you could find nice placeholder in time,
I'm older all the time, and one day I will
d i e .
Track Name: Chump
I just wanna fall in love again with things that I should love until the end,
but I fell off the good train for some chump change and a smile.
I'm trying to make up for some lost miles.

you know there is not a right way to go in this gigantic maze.
take roundabouts and burrow through walls.
Track Name: Read Out
when I'm burnt out, I get smoked out.
and I'll skip town with the let-down.
write your read out, let me bleed out for a while.

and the truth is, you're not useless, but
commanding words are toothless.
I can see now why you love the black and white.

fists laid on legs, or head on the pavement.
I wonder where all of the days went.
too tired for pit stops, and too frazzled to act my age.
too tired to play the game, and
too fazed out to feel the same.

if you cheat me, do it cheaply.
pull your punches, talk real sweetly.
change the game up, put all the blame on me.