Little Victories

by Options

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lurock Excellent melody, vocal arrangements and just fun. Options is constantly putting out great stuff with awesome production. Love this little record here. Favorite track: Line.
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released September 27, 2011

Written and performed by Seth Engel
Produced by Jonah Kort and Seth Engel
Recorded and mixed by Jonah Kort at CarterCo Recordings and Albany Studios (Chicago) except Track 1, which was recorded and mixed at Close Quarters by Seth Engel
Artwork by Connor Creagan (
Mastered by Carl Saff (

Thanks to Kailey, Bryan, Adam, Todd, Nardone, Byrnes, Nnamdi, Scotty, Anth, Jess, Mariah, Ian, Dave, Matt, Connor, and everyone. Special thanks to Jonah Kort for making this album what it is.



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Options Chicago

Options is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer Seth Engel.

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Track Name: Too Scared to Shake
why is all of this
lost on you
if you only knew,
if you only knew.

the cloud is disappearing from beneath
my toes.
I should've known,
I should've known.

trust's too hard to come by, and I wish I knew why
honesty is so scant these days.
truth's too scarce in quality, but lies always front of me and I
am too scared to shake.
Track Name: Yours Truly
so we'll never start a band again, never be best friends again
second chance was hopeful, but you do what you always will:
ditch me for your easy friends, and try, half-assed, to make amends.
as the summer ends, I wish that things were different, but now we're distant and that's it.

yours truly.

I'll keep to myself like I should, cause finally things are getting good.
maybe I'm afraid that I might never see another day.
not to pick another fight, but your self-absorbed, contrived delight
will be the nail in the coffin, one last dead end.
so tell me now, are we still fucking friends?

I know that I can be difficult sometimes
I know I try, I swear I fucking try.
and if I'm wrong, tell me. I can't always see.
But this one's on you - things'll never heal eventually.
Track Name: Moving Song
I'm not sorry I'm not telepathic,
but I'm done tip-toeing over your life.
If you can't say what you need,
you shouldn't expect anything to be alright

apathetic or pathetic?
just weak-willed with bad aesthetics.
your dialect is too neglectful
nevermind, cause you won't get it

cause at the end of the night,
here's what was left when I boiled it down:
space is too small and there's too much noise
and you don't want to tell me that I'm too loud.

falling on deaf ears and bruising them
will not serve you well in later years
so say what you need or hold your tongue
and things will just get worse if you don't believe.
leaving is the best I've done all year
I can only just go up from here
and so, in our departures,
we'll fly different flights.
we say goodnight.

and I know now what I should've known all along.
I cannot trust you for a second, a second's too long.
but you won't go anywhere if you think
it's normal to puncture my bow and just leave me to sink.
but I'm older now, so don't worry.
I'll find my way out.
Track Name: Waterfall
i've felt this before
i've been getting bored
but I have to wait
and take care of business

I know you have more
than you should afford
but that doesn't mean
everything's hopeless

though I want to believe you care,
you sure don't show it, or maybe it's not there
I try to keep my head above
the waterfall that doesn't want to let up

less often I guess.
losing interest
in what had I wanted,
for way too long now
knowing no reprieve
leave this up to me
and I swear I'm gonna
get some things done now
I can't be afraid,
just embrace the day
and find my own way
out of this mess and
if I'm still alive
by the end of the night
I will keep on
and be where I need to
Track Name: Line
what a time, what a time I'm having here with myself. And my love (self-assigned) is getting done, somehow. i'm feeling riper now, and ready to lay out my plots and plans and designs.
and I wish, and I wish but nothing comes of it and I'm still stuck (and uninspired)
but you get in my way. you don't do what you say, if you say anything. you leave me toeing the line.

I'm not trying to change
but I seem to anyway

all the time all the time i'm wondering what have I what have I done? And I don't know
if you really believe in what you say you mean, if you mean anything, you care just half of the time. Or I'm too much.
Track Name: Mind It
this is all i've ever wanted
and i'm not breaking my promise
so why do I feel like you think it's a bad idea?
and i'm just being honest.
getting over feeling haunted
was a little more than daunting
but now's the time to let go of this old fear

I haven't been asking for excess.
Seem to always find me underestimating my own progress
but I think I'm feeling better now
knowing that I still can depend
on myself to stop and know when you can't commit, still play pretend,
and as per usual, let me down.

And I just want some peace now, but I'm scared
that I am far too blind to find it.
I just want to hold her, just be close to her
but I'm scared that she'll mind it.
but even if I could swallow my fear, I think it still might not be worth it
cause I'm a traveller now, and the summer's gonna end before I know it.

But then again, I'm not content to play the 145,
to sell myself short, or pretend I'm alive.
This time's gonna be different and no distance is gonna keep me from what I need. So let's get going.